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rosemarie anton
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Courses in the first half of 2013

Regular Courses

Dansexpressie for Adults

Course 1:

Dansexpressie for experienced dancers (continuous group)

Monday,,07.01.2013 - 24.06.2013
20.00 bis 21.30 Uhr
Old Grammophonfabrik (second floor), Edwin-Oppler-Weg 5
Price::410 .-/340.-€*
Entry to the course is also possible at a later date.

Please download the flyer and the application form by clicking the PDF file at the bottom.

*price for students and those who are unemployed

Pure Dance

Open Dansexpressie Dance Evening

Friday 08.03.2013

Friday 01.11.2013

20.00 bis 24.00 Uhr
It will take place in the Kontaktstelle, Große Düwelstraße 48, Hannover-Südstadt
Contribution towards costs is 5.-€
Please bring comfortable clothes and something to eat or drink for the buffet.


Please register for the workshops or courses either via written post or e-mail. Please downloadand print the flyer and application form.

Expressionstanz Dansexpressie für Erwachsene